Solid Roller Shutters

Top Shopfronts is a leading provider of solid roller shutters of different types. Our shutters are essentially good for the safety and security of residential as well as commercial properties. Owing to their salient features such as ease of use, durability, long life, and multiple uses, these solid shutters are extremely popular among our existing customers. Our wide range of solid roller shutters is customizable to fit to an entrance of any measurement and cater to your requirements. Available in various designs and colors, these shutters ensure safety and style.

Punched and Glazed Roller Shutters

Available in diverse powder coated colors, our punched and glazed roller shutters are solid. These superior quality shutters are made using non-vision lath and are electrically operable, either through hand-held activation or remote sensing. Our punched and glazed shutters are highly popular among our customers in residential as well as commercial sectors. Usually, these are in demand for car parks, which require proper airflow and high level of security. Our punched roller shutters can be made to fit any entrance to meet your specific needs.

Perforated Roller Shutters (PIN hole)

While not compromising a bit on quality and security, our perforated roller shutters offer enough space for display of various goods. The perforated roller shutter range available with Top Shopfronts can be operated manually or electrically, as these either have a key switch or a remote handset with them. As the name suggests, this range of shutters has several perforations for ventilation purpose. Perforated roller shutters also provide an easy view of products after working hours, and still ensure complete security.

Grille Roller Shutters

If you are seeking style along with security, pick grille roller shutters from our extended range of roller shutters. Grille roller shutters provide the benefit of choosing the amount of visibility. You can either use electric or manual way to operate these shutters, which can be personalized to fulfill your specific demands and requirements. This range of roller shutters is available with us in brickbond pattern open grilles and in infilled with polycarbonate panels for clear display of products. With different styles available for these shutters, you can choose the level of visibility.

Polycarbonate Roller Shutters

Top Shopfronts provides an extensive range of polycarbonate roller shutters, which are manufactured using steel rods between panels. Customers who look for high visibility along with high level of strength demand for these shutters in huge numbers. Known for their properties such as resilience to forced entry, weather and fire resistance, protection against UV rays, and ease of maintenance, the high quality polycarbonate roller shutters are ideal for all premises that keep products of high value, such as jewellery shops. Due to the level of convenience these offer, customers experience complete peace of mind.